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More than 20 years ago I got in touch with bodywork. First I learnt to connect with myself before I started with Foot Reflexology, Dorn & Breuss Massage and some sports massage. 

Movement was always a passion of mine. At a very early age I started with endurance sports. Complementary Pilates and Yoga came into my life. More than 20 years ago yoga started to be a loyal tutor. More than 15 years ago I became a yoga teacher. All my further studies are enriching my teaching and my yoga practice. 

In the year 2010 I got in touch with the Thai Yoga Massage and I did a couple of trainings. I studied in Switzerland but also abroad with various teachers more than 300 hours. 

2015 I started with the studies to become an Osteopath. In the summer 2019 I qualified as a Craniosacral therapist. In June 2021 I got certified as an Osteopath. 

Learning about our bodies never ends. We are all different and each body tells another story. 

I am ready to listen to your story. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Craniosacral Therapie / Osteopathic Treatment

Craniosacral Treatment with Osteopathic Techniques (SICO) consider each person as a whole and is based on the principle that an individual's wellbeing depends on their skeleton and musculature functioning smoothly together. I see to not just treat your aches and pains, but finding out why they are happening and stop them reoccurring. 

Why to get a treatment:

It can help you with any problem that is associated with your skeleton and musculature and is a gentle and effective way to treat many conditions without the use of injections or surgery.

  • Upper, middle and lower back (including sciatica)

  • Head, neck and jaw

  • Shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists and hands

  • Hip/Pelvis area, legs, knees, ankles and feet


Osteopathic Techniques

As an osteopath we aim to restore the normal function, stability and mobility to your muscles, bones and ligaments to help the body heal itself. I will use a wide range of hands-on techniques to treat your body:


  • Soft tissue techniques (relaxing and improving flexibility

  • in the muscles, ligaments and connective tissues)

  • Articulations and mobilization (restores the normal mobility of your body’s joints.)

  • Manipulations of the joints (improves movement & reduces pain.)

  • Cranial-Sacral techniques (minimal movements influencing the body’s fluid dynamics.)


The body is treated as a whole so advice may be given with regards to exercises, postural re-education and lifestyle and diet management.


In the first treatment I will also ask questions about your symptoms and your general health before carrying on with the physical examination. 

Thai Yoga Massage

A method where your body can fully relax and get more energy. 

The Art of body-mind holistic coaching

Learn how to be a better YOU. 



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