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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Yoga - Osteopathy - Unity


Use your awareness of your body. Through the movements you will gain new self-knowledge. Flowing in combination with your breathing (Breath based movements) you will use the interaction of body - mind and soul.


Osteopathy underpins the process to dissolve your patterns, relieve pain and come out of your stagnation. You will feel light and fresh.


The different techniques of osteopathy, which work on the muscular system, the cellular system, the nerves and the organs, help to support the transformation process.


Furthermore, the autoregulation of the body is used to reach Unity.



A new feeling of unity, freedom can arise in your body. You are not only muscles and bones YOU are much more. A fusion - a rewriting of information and old patterns can happen in this mentoring.

The Session

In this single session 60-90min, which is accessible for everyone, whether you come healthy or with pain, as a supplement in your everyday life, for support after a burnout, dissolving old programs or as a companion, then you are exactly right HERE: YOU-ride (your new wave)

I serve as a fulcrum and guide you closer to YOU.

YOU-are Know yourself - Know your truth - Know your beauty. 


YOU-Bloom - YOU-shine - YOU-release

this mentoring could be important for you if ...

... you have constantly the feeling of flying off the rails

... it repeatedly comes up, against seemingly insurmountable blockades

... you are tired all the time

The mentoring is also available as a group (min. 4 participants)

Simply book your appointment now via the button below. I look forward to see you.

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